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Mom's Unite [entries|friends|calendar]
Mom's unite against drama in their childrens lives

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Question [Tuesday
May 1st, 2007]

... anyone know where I can pick up one of those connectors to connect 2 umbrella strollers together to make them like a double stroller???

Thanks in advance!! :)

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Question? [Friday
April 13th, 2007]

Anyone in this community live in Connecticut?
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March 26th, 2007]

Name: Christina
Your LJ Name: lilyapple
Birthdate: 3-7-75
Pregnant?: (y/n) Not yet
Your Children's names & Birthdays or EDD: Lizzie (1-16-95) Faith (12-5-96) Jessica(8-30-98)Tabitha(8-14-00)
What city & state do you live in: Georgetown, KY
Are you a working mom or stay at home mom?: Stay at home mom
What is the source of drama in your life?: My family,  my new inlaws, and my ex--currently in a state hospital
Do you have issues w/ another lj member?: No. but I have a friend that does big time so I help her with them
If yes please provide the lj name of this person?:
How did you find moms_unite?: Kekesmom424. It was on her lj :)
Did you read the rules?: Yes i did.

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